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What Is Endermologie?

Endermologie is a unique, non-invasive, deep tissue treatment used to reduce fat and cellulite. It is the only treatment certified by the FDA and is guaranteed to work. Salojona Endermologie is also works under LPG. Some women will begin to see results within the first few treatments, and others will notice changes after 6 to 8 sessions. It is important to continue with your program throughout the entire series. Endermologie is great for the body's circulation and you'll notice a definite improvement in skin condition. Although the cellulite technique is not a weight loss treatment, you will see a noticeable  change in the definition of cellulite treated areas.

Cavitation is a nonsurgical anti-cellulite treatment used to firm arms, thighs, legs, buttocks, waist, and love handles. With cavitation,  you will see results within the first treatment. This is done with a high frequency machine and a bipolar-radio frequency technology that requires a special cavitation gel. With both parts, cavitation reduces the fat cells into microscopic liquids so the body can get rid of it through the urinary tract. Cavitation has been named "Natural Liposuction" by experts who use this treatment. 
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Facial Massage
Salojona has a variety of facial selections to chose from. All of our products are organic, and made by us from scratch. We do not use any harmful products and make them fresh for every client.  Facials are very good for face hydration and it is a deep massage cleanser. Organic facials improve with rejuvenating the skin and is excellent for greasy, dry, or skin with acne.
Face Lift
We provide an excellent face rejuvenating service that s used with the same endermologie machine. This face life is great for skin collagen and works without a doubt for wrinkles, crows feet, or any other unwanted lines on your face.

Permanent Make-Up
Here at Salojona we provide a great deal of services. We have an excellent permanent make-up artist who works from everything like eyebrows, to lip liner. She is very gentle and is flexible with hours convenient to you.

Ana is a professional nutritionist who will talk to you and help you find what the best eating way is for you. The key is always eating healthy and maintaining a stabilized exercise routine.

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